Beverage Distribution

Distribution Companies face many hurdles pertaining to their insurance needs, including a deep need for competitive premiums particularly for their Automobile and Workers Compensation policies. Additionally, there is a greater exposure than other industries face for potential catastrophic claims, so it is the utmost importance that there is guidance to help not only mitigate claims when they occur, but also to prevent the potential for claims down the road.

Case Study

This Beverage Distribution company has 150+ Vehicles, 5 distribution hubs, and a strong presence throughout the entire Mid-Atlantic region. Like many other beverage distributors, they worked exclusively with another agent for many years.

The Situation

During our initial meeting, we learned that this distributor had been satisfied with their current agent for the prior 20 years, however the decided to entertain outside proposals. They were interested in potential savings as well as hard data which could prevent future claims.


We had 3 meetings with the insured before they decided to partner with our agency. These meetings took a total of 110 minutes (20 minutes, 45 minutes, and an hour, respectively.) Based on the time taken and 28% Premium Savings, the insured’s time was worth:

$880 per minute.

Additionally, we worked with multiple insurance carriers to provide a vast array of loss control resources including tangible data pertaining to their unique claims experience which helps reduce the potential for large claims.