Wholesale Distribution Insurance

Equipped with a deep knowledge of the Wholesale and Distribution Industry, Bogart & Brownell is able to help our clients grow in a challenging and unique environment. We are proud to stand with our clients every step of the way and are committed to being your full-service insurance partners.


The Situation

Bogart & Brownell contacted an area Convenience Store Distributor to discuss their Commercial Insurance Portfolio. During our initial meeting, we learned that this distributor had been with their current agent for many years but would occasionally shop to see where they stand. They were curious to see what we could do.

Results/ Premium savings

We had 3 meetings with the insured before they decided to partner with our agency. These meetings took a total of 125 minutes (30 minutes, 50 minutes , and 45 minutes) Based on the time taken and 37% Premium Savings, the insured’s time was worth:

$1,360 per minute.

Additional benefits

  • Improved Certificate of Insurance turnaround times and 24/7 access to account executives and managers.

  • Increased Coverage for transportation, spoilage, and other pertinent coverages

  • Flexible installment schedules and access to Pay As You Go Programs to alleviate potential audit discrepancies.