We Go The Extra Mile.

Auto insurance

Distracted driving is a reality of life in today’s society. A driver is 23 times more likely to become involved in an auto related accident when driving while distracted. Now more than ever, it is critical that you cover yourself accurately for such unexpected situations. Let Bogart & Brownell ensure your properly protected.  



Homeowners Insurance

Your home and personal property can be your biggest asset. It is critical that you insure them accurately in the event of a loss. It is our mission to help recover what was lost in these situations. With coverages such as Guaranteed Replacement Cost, Bogart & Brownell has access to carriers that have stood the test of time and are among the best in the industry.



PersonAl Umbrella

The last time you reviewed your insurance portfolio, did you consider an Umbrella policy?  What happens if you or a family member is involved in a catastrophic automobile accident and your auto policy pays the full limits of the policy?  Once your policy pays the limits on the policy, you become personally responsible for anything more that may be owed. An umbrella adds extra protection to avoid these situations and can help keep you financially sound.